The “Stacking Fault Manifolds and Structural Configurations of Partial Dislocations in InGaN Epilayers” in the back cover of PSS B !!

This cover focuses on an important mechanism proposed in article number 2100190 by George P. Dimitrakopulos and co-workers: the emanation of threading dislocations (TDs) from junctions of basal stacking fault (BSF) steps in III-nitride semiconductors. The HRTEM image in the center is a projection along [21̅1̅0] showing such an emanating TD in an InGaN epilayer, and its upper inset illustrates the partial dislocation character of a BSF single step, amounting to a disconnection between mirror-related BSF variants. The lower left schematic illustrates the mechanism, whereas the lower right illustration is a plan-view of the atomic structure on the plane of the BSF on either side of the steps.