The Electron Microscopy Laboratory (EML) of the Physics Department was established in 1963. The Lab is located at the west wing of the Science School and belongs to the Solid State Physics Section of the Physics Department.

Today, the Lab comprises of 12 research staff members and 1 staff for technical support. The Lab hosts PhD and MSc Students, as well as Marie Curie Research fellows.

The mission of EML is to provide to its members access to materials characterization equipment, training, and consultation, as well as to perform a range of services for end-users in the area of electron microscopy.

In general, the laboratory’s activity comprises the integrated structural characterization and study of solid materials (metals, ceramics, polymers, glasses), as well as complex materials and composite crystals of advanced materials such as semiconductor thin films, nanostructures and heterostructures, natural or engineering materials in powder form and coatings